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    Present: Kompi, Cor, Heiko
    * Thicker border line than 9 pt or 5 cm
    + WFM (users who need larger frames could do that by rectangles) or have a larger maximum?
    + issue is about page > border (max 9pt) and shape | lines (5cm)
    + sidebar maximum for line width is 500pt
    + missing use case but also limiting to a non-sensible value is unclear
    => ask OP about the use case
    * Add opportunity to open Autofilter window uses shortcut
    + alt+down opens the "Selection List" when on the cell
    + first row can be frozen
    + alt+down doesn't work here (Linux and macOS); it only works for Data > Validity > Lists (Heiko)
    + kompi will add a screenshot to the ticket showing the idea of detached widget
    + looks good (Cor), concerns about floating widgets (Heiko)
    + shortcut could be ctrl+alt+F (not using A to avoid the select all confusion)
    => go ahead
    * I Want an Acoustic plus an Optical Signal when Wrap Around happens when
    Searching or Searching and Replacing
    + jingles and sound notification are up to the OS/DE and
    we don't have sounds in the program so far (Heiko)
    + would be acceptable whren the system's function are used
    + flashing animations are a terrible usability too (Heiko)
    + maybe go with bold font (Cor)
    => keep ticket
    * in NAVIGATOR, length of chapters could be indicated
    + WF (in respect to the Navigator because out-of-scope)
    + being more verbose in the document statistic dialog is good
    + agree (Cor), request makes not much sense (Kompi)
    + could be combined with bug ...
    => go for it
    * NAVIGATOR, "copy outline to clipboard" should be available in context menu
    + WF as there is no context for the outline at the Navigator
    => add it to Headings as parent of the all headlines
    * Menubar -> Edit -> Object move to Format -> Object
    + agreeing with some concerns because Format is for modifying properties
    + Format contains of "Frame and Objects" right now
    + don't touch it (Kompi); reason to change is not strong enough (Cor)
    => close as WF
    * Menubar -> File -> Versions, save group combine
    + not a good idea (Cor)
    + unclear reason (Kompi)
    + WF, different work flows
    => close as WF