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    Present: Heiko
    * Thicker border line than 9 pt or 5 cm
       + WFM (users who need larger frames could do that by rectangles) or have a larger maximum?
       + issue is about page > border (max 9pt) and shape | lines (5cm)
       + sidebar maximum for line width is 500pt
       + missing use case but also limiting to a non-sensible value is unclear
       + No objection to set wider limitation (Franklin)
       => accepted
     * Should be possible to customise menus or toolbars delivered with an extension
       + faced the same problem (Franklin)
       + extensions are special solutions for a specific use case; 
         customization is needed for inbuilt options
       => keep ticket open
     * New wizard for filling bank checks
       + some comments on BZ to handle it as extension
       => closed by OP as WF
     * Enable Find & Replace by format in Impress & Draw
     * Enable Find & Replace by Attribute in Impress & Draw
       + to find & replace objects (by any property) sounds weird; 
         better enhance the Navigator (and resolve as WF) (Heiko)
       + see also
       + see also
       => make 92584 a duplicate of 92608
       => no negative effect from enhancing the existing F&R dialog, so +1
     * Properties to save with drawings
       + grid settings
         + is saved and restored but global settings apply when changed (Regina)
       => treat as a bug
       + measure units:
       - measure units:
       => both dup of 59068
       + drawing scale per page:
       => as a general rule of thumb we define defaults in T>O and allow document specific 
         values to be changed in dialogs (e.g. View > Fields vs. T>O>Writer>View)