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Present: Liam, Cor, Heiko


* Lockfiles can be overridden
+ improve wording
+ suggested "$file is open for editing by $user on system $hostname and was opened at $time"
makes sense, if possible
+ usual behavior is to open read-only and provide an infobar, that would be nice
+ message needs to be discussed
+ "Opening editable potentially ends up in data loss when more users access the same file."
+ checkbox "[ ] Open editable anyway"
+ buttons [Open] [Cancel] (no "Open read only")
=> boil it for a while

* Unable to set different data paths per component
+ vote for tools > options > paths per module (Heiko)
+ see also (all modules options access)
+ decided in the past to close as wf because files are stored per project/task/scenario and the path
depends rather upon this than on Documents/Writer, Documents/Calc etc. (Cor)
=> close as WF (tdf#101609 makes sense but requires a proposal)

* When importing media (eg images) to libreoffice it would be friendly to save some metadata
+ finalize the list
+ ensure ODF spec (Cor)
+ whether set comes from DCMES (c4) or MWG (c2) doesnt matter
+ less/not too much info is better (Heiko)
+ request to store path (could be done in Source or location created)
+ request for date would override date of creation
+ editable properties could be description, keywords but the rest is static
=> go for it