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    Present: Heiko
     * Lockfiles can be overridden
       + "Opening editable potentially ends up in data loss when more users access the same file."
       + "[ ] Open editable anyway"
       + [Open] [Cancel] (no "Open read only")
       => go with the proposal
     * Allow user-defined ordering of user-defined document properties
       + for sake of simplicity keep the sorting order as inserted (Heiko)
       + support the idea (Thomas)
       => add up/down buttons right of the list
     * UI: Name of options section "HTML Compatibility" doesn't match the wider scope of available options
       + WFM (Sophie, Stuart, Heiko)
       => WFM
     * Implement "Most recent fields inserted"
       + copy/paste WFM but recent items (aka fields here) sounds also very consistent (Heiko)
       => WFM since the dialog is amodal and copy/paste works well
     * Action buttons for "save (embedded) image dialog
       + [ Original ] [ Modified ] [ Cancel ] at save dialog
       + better undo to save the original (if needed anyway) (Heiko)
       => postponed