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Present: Franklin, Cor, Heiko


 * Please change the "paragraph symbol" of "Traditional Chinese version" to "↵"
   + tend to close as WF because the pilcrow is standardized and used not only
     the document but also at many places such as icons and 
     Tools > Options > Writer > Formatting Aids (Heiko)
   + not needed to be changed (Franklin)
   + unclear how other programs deal with the topic
   + would require an additional option that increase the complexity
   => resolve as WFM

 * Open Wiki page with information on new or changed behavior...
   => make this a duplicate of 69042
 * Add a "Release Notes/What's New" window to be shown upon first run
   + new release, copy of /link to release notes
   => go for it
 * Implementing a 'Welcome' dialog on first launch (creation of new user profile)
   + first start, ideally more design oriented and in a wizard style
   + was removed because users considered it as annoying (see bug....)
   => resolve as WF
 * Tip-of-the-day dialog
   + every start, content of #388ff
   + dialog works, review pending; when done marketing/documentation should get involved to improve the list of tips
   + ideally we have the list in the wiki (Franklin)
   => work in progress

 * toggeling settings - e.g. threaded calculations - need restart, UI unclear about this
   + same is also true for T>O>View>Graphics Output, for example
   + message box, tooltip, infobar, static text, footnote...
   + on macOS we have a tooltip (Requires restart) and a message box restart now/later,
     but that's not working on Linux, neither it's shown for Calc - multithreading
   => fix the bug (and maybe change to presentation to restart from a dialog to a static text next to help)

 * Print (selected) pages radio button as layout
   + layout follows functionality and that's missing
   => keep it and have the discussion on an extra ticket

 * Rework of Options dialog
   * Requirements/Tickets:
     + request on BZ to make clear where the setting applies (general like OpenGL, per module like units, 
       per document like Grids)
     + simplified dialog
     + apply the changes (without closing the dialog) and to reset to factory defaults (or previous configuration)
     + search for keyword
   + Categorization:
     + idea is to find out what property is basic and what is used by experts
     + large list of sections (bold headlines) assigned to persona
     + to avoid asking the community about all options we should narrow down the questionable items and do 
       the assignment first in the team - and get more input later on questionable items
   * Basic design:
     + depending on the outcome of the steps before we can talk about the UI
     + Andreas: disagree with simple/advanced but proposing controls to expand the options; would be 
       nice to pick up the concepts from Writer; maybe a landing page
  => to backlog