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    Present: Heiko
     * Improve bookmarks
       + Move functions from button into menu?
       + WFM (Cor, c3)
       => suggest Rename, Delete, and Go To in a context menu, and if not agreed by OP resolve as WFM
     * Change case -> Sentence case doesn't honor selection; case of entire sentence changes
       + how to treat selections for cycle case
       => agreement on the ticket how to change the functionality, meaning
          apply to selection only or the whole sentence otherwise
     * Make 'Search Results' dialog optional from Find & Replace dialog
       + WFM or add an option to suppress the dialog
       => add "[ ] Don't show again" to the dialog and have a checkbox at T>O
     * Single page not centered when in multiple-page view
       + WFM (Heiko)
       + fine for me (Cor, c10)
       => center page if it's only one
     * Allow resetting or removing personal information (author, date/time) on comments and changes
       + T>O>L > Security - deletes all info
       + Files > Properties > Apply user data (sounds weird)
       + dedicated function at, for example, Edit > Comment > Delete User Data on Comments
       + WF/WFM (and realize as extension)
       => add this to T>O>L>Security and recommend an extension for deletion of commentary metadata only