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    Present: Heiko
     * Easier use of CSV in Wizards->Address Data Source
       => go with Timur's proposal in c4
     * Merge text direction related buttons into single button
       => WF
     * FORMATTING: paragraph alignment options position is unintuitive
       + WFM because important items come first (Heiko)
       + agree with the request because of consistency with other places (Stuart, Thomas)
       => change the order
     * UX: Handling of empty textboxes
       => enable the border around text boxes by by default
     * Grammatical gender concordance for "spell out" numbering feature
       + a grammatical correct solution, eg. in German "Erste[s] Kapitel" vs. "Erste[r] Absatz",
         is likely not possible but can be done manually per B/N > Customize > After (of course
         not depending on the actual value in this case) 
       => NOB
       + besides the request we should add a numbering style for spelled out 
         to have, for example, "First Chapter", "Second Chapter" as a predefined option