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    Present: Cor, Heiko
     * Display components of formula without edit
       + WFM (Heiko, Eike, Cor)
       + alternative is the detective
       => resolve as WFM
     * EDITING: Need Default Keyboard Shortcut for Strike-Through
       + ctrl+K suggested but not working
       + no need as customization works well; ctrl+k used for hyperlink (Dave)
       + though some apps provide a shortcut it's not one of the most frequently used features
       + we are short on good shortcuts, ctrl+k or - are occupied
       => keep it for customization
     * UI: the wording around tools - options - LibreOffice Calc - Formula - Recalculation on File Load is questionable
       + use "ODF spreadsheet" (without "not saved...") and update help (Cor)
         + "recent" was it years ago
       + show the recalculation option with an infobar in case of "prompt user" (and make it the default)
       => go with this potential easyhack
     * Inform user when a font style doesn't exist (bold, italic,...)
       + WFM, expert users know their fonts and there arent too many avergae fonts without bold/italic (Heiko)
       + +1 for the idea (Thomas, Tomaz, Cor, kellnerp)
         Cor on the fence - later on..
       + potential solutions
         + use icons with subtle decorations (small star at the edge when bold not included) with drawback at customization
         + add some kind of identification to the icon, eg. a frame
         + just have a tooltip "this weight is calculated"
           + icon decoration and tooltip dont work with menus (Format > Text > Bold or Style [F11] > Emphasis)
         + show an infobar when the file is loaded and fonts are included that neeed math
           + however.. requires to scan the doc, scan present fonts
           + and inform user if font is used, or only if font style, not present, is used
           + and mention font names too...
        + rather lots of things to do/consider for situations where we must consider that the involved user
          should have knowledge..
       => keep open, favorize infobar to show missing fonts and missing font properties
     * PARAGRAPH BORDER: Modification border always adds a new border
       + "Merge with next paragraph" off by default
       + wouldnt change the default for rare case(s) (Cor)
       => closed as NAB (Stuart)
     * tabs in calc (for sheets) and draw (for layer) style
       + and for multi selection
       + proposed solutions are not perfect (Cor)
       + respect the system theming (Heiko)
       => WFM (Cor, Heiko)