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Present: Franklin, Heiko


* Insert image not in a new paragraph but in the current position or as character
+ anchor as character and alignment "Base line at top" to comply with MS Word
+ q in
+ drawback of current alignment on paragraph is that more than one image adds on top of the other (Franklin)
+ see also
+ most word processors anchor as character
+ RFE: introduce an option how to anchor be default
+ provide user-defined defaults at tools > option (Csongor)
+ clutters options a bit (Franklin)
+ we could do it as expert option (Heiko)
+ alternatively keep the last used settings
+ might not work as you modify properties subsequently and we would have to store
properties at any time when changed
=> changing the default anchoring to 'as character' sounds good
=> providing agreement by ESC, ask the community and introduce the option when there is a split

* Rename tabbed layout to notebookbar
+ renaming is desirable (Franklin)
+ "Verbose/Compact Catalogues" (Heiko)
+ separate MUFFIN more clearly (Stuart)
=> ask on the marketing ML for input

* Context toolbar make jumping ui
+ make the single toolbar as MUFFIN (Heiko)
+ show contextual toolbars on bottom (Stuart)
+ put contextual toolbars in the sidebar (Stuart)
+ combine toolbars and have a contextual section (Maxim, Thomas)
=> go with Maxim's solution as this received the most agreement

* Formula result has different alignment than regular values
+ switch on "Number Recognition"?
=> discussion ongoing at BZ (ticket might be a WFM now, @Cor)