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    Present: Kompi, Heiko
    * Rename tabbed layout to notebookbar
    => ask on the marketing ML for input
    ==> feedback "Tabbed Notebookbar" given, UX input done
    * Insert image not in a new paragraph but in the current position or as character
    + anchor as character and alignment "Base line at top" to comply with MS Word
    + q in
    + drawback of current alignment on paragraph is that more than one image adds on top of the other (Franklin)
    + see also
    + most word processors anchor as character
    + RFE: introduce an option how to anchor be default
    + provide user-defined defaults at tools > option (Csongor)
    + clutters options a bit (Franklin)
    + we could do it as expert option (Heiko)
    + alternatively keep the last used settings
    + might not work as you modify properties subsequently and we would have to store
    properties at any time when changed
    => changing the default anchoring to 'as character' sounds good
    => providing agreement by ESC, ask the community and introduce the option when there is a split
    + Twitter: 31% To Page, 39% To Paragraph, 7% To Character,
    23% As Character (some comments "it depends")
    + result: no clear picture
    + ESC: agreement, though better w/o additional option
    + better not touch and keep to paragraph (Kompi)
    + better "to character" for wrapping and since mouse positioning is broken,
    suggest for empty paragraph "to paragraph" and when inside text "to character" (Regina)
    => since users and use cases differ the best solution is to have an option (and maybe more for 87728)
    * Save icon breaks icon customization
    + accept the drawback (Andreas, Heiko)
    + possible solutions: a) combine two/n icons in one with a propriatary format,
    b) split the UNO command into uno:SAVEEMPTY and uno:SAVEMODIFIED, c1) draw the decoration
    programmatically, c2) combine/overlay two icons
    + never change icons (Kompi)
    => WF, becuase no good solution and inappropriate effort
    * Provide an option to hide the animation effect
    + alternatively change the tree with details on animation into a table
    but this might exceed the sidebar width
    + option is rarely needed as most users do not have that many animations per slide
    + simple solution is an option "[x] Show animation type" (default = on)
    => go with the change
    * Option to turn off autocomplete text in quick find
    + WF or needsDevAdvice
    + like the idea as it is often confusing (Kompi)
    => needsDevAdvice with recommendation to WF if there is no central place to switch it off
    * Page settings missing a few paper sizes
    + adding too many options spams the list
    + not a big deal (Cor, Kompi), not convinced with 14 addiitonal options (Heiko)
    + even for DIN we have only A3-A6
    + it's easy to enter the paper dimension manually
    => ask the OP for a smaller selection with <5 items, eg. RA4, RA5
    * Formula result has different alignment than regular values
    + switch on "Number Recognition"?
    => discussion ongoing at BZ (ticket might be a WFM now, @Cor)
    => postpone / discuss on BZ