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    Present: Heiko
     * Store the last used image folder in the document
       + workspace level option exists
       * per session it's remembered
       + storing per document is a security issue
       => WF
     * Add a link to FAQ to "JRE missing" message box
       + do we want to provide help for an ordinary messagebox?
       + alternatively an simple link could do the trick
       => go with the link, better pointing to the documentation
     * UI: Moving INPUT LINE after implementing a drop-down sum button
       => WF since we do not have a good solution
     * Footer can not be made to appear only on the first page after it has been filled with content
       + changes expected with ODF v1.3
       + agreement on proposed solution in comment 8?
       => acceptance to the proposal; ideally we implement the ODF1.3 option right now but disabled (and perhaps with a tooltip)
     * LibreOffice v6.2.3.2 Writer custom paragraph style with custom list style attached, area color bug
       => WFM as this is the common behaviour