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Present: Heiko


* alt key should open and highlight menubar
=> NAB as Alt works as expected

* why toggle function DrawText, HyperlinkDialog and Horizontal Line
+ menu items toggle in case of amodal functions
+ agree in case of Textbox; and ultimately the toggle is in fact
not nice
+ horizontal line is a style and should go to the Styles menu (Maxim)
=> make the functions non-toggle

* TABLE: Difference between default style as template and default style
as style is not clear
=> rename Default table style to Plain

* Setting a Hyperlink to a Bookmark in a Writer-Document should Become
=> add sorting capabilities, continue with discussion on streamlining

* UI: Shape background color depends on template
+ change for consistency (always have the same color) or set as WFM
+ not confirmed (Cor)
=> continue on BZ, ideally have it consistent

* Paragraph style: "Next-style"-rule is ignored if paragraph break is
at the beginning of or within a paragraph
+ c3/5: you have to enter twice for the next style
+ c9: expected behaviour (c10 for more if-then's) (would be too
complicated IMHO, Heiko)
+ c14: wfm (my opinion as well, Heiko)
=> WFM but explain in help