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Present: Bogdan, Kompi, Heiko


* Icon styles should not modify official application icons in start center (and other relevant places)
+ unique branding for own MIME type icons or less restrictive guidelines like "frame with a donkey ear"
+ con (there is no guideline besides the TDF logo, icons should blend with the OS/DE)
+ pro (icons are part of the visual identity, we actually do have some kind of implicit branding)
+ we definitely do not agree with dove symbols on the icons, for example
=> we should draft a guideline and discuss this (eg. donkey ear anywhere/top-right and exact module-color/bluish, greenish...)

* Calc resizes to zero
+ suggest 4:3 with 85% of the screen height when larger than 960px
+ may be better 16:9? -> that's for movies
+ agree with suggest in general of course (kompi)
+ use half of the screen on my laptop (Bogdan)
=> agree with the proposal

* Enhancement: Tables, Pagebreak: "keep with next row" feature
+ not a UX topic (kompi)
+ keep with next paragraph should be sufficient
=> no further input from UX

* PDF Export: PDF shows only two pages of a document with three pages (one page is hidden in the odf document)
+ boils down to the question what a page is
+ not a UX topic, actually NAB (kompi)
+ we need a raw document example (bugdan)
+ happens only when in book view mode
=> NAB