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    Present: AndreasK, BogdanB, Heiko
     * Enhance autofill to better sense data blocks with empty cells or columns
       + Stuart WF, Heiko WFM
       + MSO fills if first or second column to left (or when empty to the right) contains of data
       => simple logic, accepted
     * Revise layout of HTML color palette swatches
       => WF, better realize as extension
          + done at
     * User customization of the styles displayed in the Sidebar 'Styles' deck
       + make it a duplicate of tdf#69551 or change summary to "Store dropdown selection"
       => keep the ticket open for storing the dropdown index
     * Writer styles: Heading subgroup for TOC related stuff
       + sorting by name is bad as Title, for example, is placed apart from H1..H9
       + move "special" headings into a further subgroup (Andreas)
         + use "Table of Content" (Cor)
         + use "Index Heading" (Andreas) cause there is "Index" for the not heading stuff
         + "Index Styles" is used in the filters list
       + such a "Special" or "ToC" entry would have to be a proper style itself for All Styles (Heiko, Thomas)
       + sorting issue is not solved by an additional entry unless we start with underscore or the like
       => keep it boiling for a week more but close when no more input is done
     * Writer styles: Addressee and Sender group in subgroup Envelope
       + introduce a node Envelope and add address and sender to it
       + same issue: new item needs to be useful
       => keep it boiling for a week more but close when no more input is done
     * Writer Character Styles are not intuitive to read
       + add a somewhat artificial root for the existing hierarchical filter
       + eg. Standard (Emphasis, Strong Emphasis, Source Text...), Annotation (Endnote, Footenote...), References (Links...)
       + we run into the same problem as above
       => same decision
     * How about another filter like "Hierarchy Simple" (Bogdan)
       + would solve the Envelope and ToC issue as well as character style list, if those styles are not so often used
       => good idea, will add this to the discussion on the tickets
     * Show icon for styles that have a UNO command (Andreas)
       + icons would pop out and make the "interesting" styles more obtrusive
       => good idea, please file a ticket