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Present: Heiko


* Search box should be closed after closing and reopening LibreOffice
+ toolbar can be closed easily (Cor, Stuart)
=> WFM

* Pivot Table: rename "Page Fields" to "Filter" or "Page Fields To Filter"
+ how handle other office this? (Cor)
+ okay to go (Heiko)
=> keep it boiling but

* NAVIGATOR .. create "OUTLINE DOCUMENT" -- the next stop after SEND → OUTLINE to Clipboard
+ NEEDINFO -> INSUFFICIENTDATA (unclear request)
+ potential extension (Cor)
=> resolving

* Ability to forbid the use of direct formatting
+ user customization is king, no need to ship another UI variant
+ do as MUFFIN (Stuart), yes but per extension then (Heiko)
=> keep it open for more opinions

* TOOLBAR: Expanding 'Insert Field' drop down with submenus
+ too complicated, "More Fields..." opens the dialog
=> wontfix

* FORMATTING: make line end (shift enter) work the same as paragraph end with last line setting 'left' for alignment justified
+ request is not clear to me (Heiko)
+ screenshot added (Cor)
=> check how other apps handle this and accept or close