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Present: Franklin, Heiko


* not went into the details


* Findings from Taiwan users collected during lectures (Franklin)
+ Default settings of image anchor in Writer -> can it be specified by users?
solution could be
alternatively to another option we could keep the last used setting
+ Distribution of objects as known from Draw/Impress missing in Writer
+ no ticket found, let's create one
+ but you cannot multi-select images
+ duplicate of:
+ The behavior of removing hyperlinks are different in Writer, Calc and Impress
+ Behavior of mail merge changed with some version confusing users
+ Users like the zoom slider at the status bar, the sidebar functionality,
and switch to single toolbar (which will be superseded by the equivalent
Notebookbar see

* Change the meeting somehow (Heiko)
+ not too many are interested to join so maybe have meetings less
frequently, with different topics, maybe kind of question/answer
or to scribble mockups?
+ we should listen more to the users and do more interviews (Franklin)
+ asking for issues would be QA work so perhaps we think about
usability tests or standardized questionnaires
=> to be continued