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    Present: Roman, Cor, Heiko
     * Meeting in general (Cor)
       + invite people personally
       + regular meetings are a good idea (Cor)
     * Alignment of images
       + new command to center vertically and horizontally requested
       + seeking for a nice term
       + too many options as suggested later in the ticket is too much for the menu
       + "Center on Page/Slide" or "Equidistant" (Stuart)
       + I agree with an idea. (kompi)
       => "Center on Page/Slide" (and rename Center to Middle, Centered to Center)
     * Find & Replace should optionally also make use of AutoCorrect single or double quote substitutions for easier keyboard search entry
       + would require to doit in a general way, ie. all autocorrected terms are found when searching for the basic version
       + maybe an option is nice but then working in the dialog only
       - disagree F&R new options. let's will be simply (kompi)
       + technically challenging as the search has to be run twice
       + users may expect the search to result in <>n found results of <'> and a messagebox that the document contains of
         <m> autocorrected places with <"> and a button to search for this term (Heiko)
       + simply show a message that this input might have been autocorrected by <foo> (Cor)
       => let's go with the simple solution
     * Add option to show 'Apply Style' menu in plain text
       + extra option or combination with existing
       + unclear what controls would be affected (Stuart, c9)
       + afraid of too many options if there are more controls (Heiko)
       + Tools > Options > View is across modules and "Show preview of styles" would be Writer-only (Heiko)
       => run a poll on the blog/ml (Cor)
     * Ability to forbid the use of direct formatting
       + user customization is king, no need to ship another UI variant
       + do as MUFFIN (Stuart), yes but per extension then (Heiko)
       + bad idea, users should to have the ability to choose (kompi)
       + prefer the internal solution (Cor)
       + alternatively, introduce an option to switch from Formatting (toolbar) to Formatting (Styles) as the default
       + or close the ticket as WFM since we have the styles focused TB (and maybe kill the direct formatting options from this TB)
       => close as WFM if we change the existing toolbar
     * Rework of Safe Mode dialog
       + pls reply to my comment on the ML (Cor) - will do (Heiko)
       => a few comments, keep it boiling for another week