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    Present: Heiko
     * Add option to show 'Apply Style' menu in plain text
       + extra option or combination with existing
       + unclear what controls would be affected (Stuart, c9)
       + afraid of too many options if there are more controls (Heiko)
       + Tools > Options > View is across modules and "Show preview of styles" would be Writer-only (Heiko)
       + run a poll on the blog/ml (Cor)
           * Add the new option under Options > View, next to "Show Font Preview"  40%  (44 votes)
           * Combine the two (and perhaps more) controls under the same option  29.09%  (32 votes)
           * Don't add another option  14.55%  (16 votes)
           * Add the new option under Options > Writer > View  11.82%  (13 votes)
           * Don't add another option and also remove the exiting "Show Font Preview"  4.54%  (5 votes)
         + taking the 2nd and 3rd option together (combine and no new) the majority is against a new checkbox
       => combine the styles dropdown WYSIWYG preview with View > Font
     * Safer application of options for each filter criterium in a pivot table
       + having options for each of the 3 parameters is an overkill and impairing usability
       => WFM
     + Extend context menu in a pivot table with mark actions
       + row/column selection is not limited to pivot tables
       + we have plenty of shortcuts to deal with data
       => WFM
     * Support context menus for management of list entries in pivot table setup dialogue
       + for accessibility it makes sense to have alternatives to the drag 'n drop actions
       => add context menu to field (Add to Row, Add to Column, Add to Values) and the
          respective options at those lists "Remove"
     * Support for multiple selection of list entries in data series selection
       + multiselection in the chart wizard lists makes no sense
       + removing entries is only necessary if the selected range has not been chosen carefully
       => WFM
     * Extended graphical user interface for the specification of several cell areas
       + add +/- buttons to the text field for more graphical interactions (Thomas)
       + would be the fact for all cases with multselections not only charts
       + manual editing is common
       + it wouldn't be clear how +/- buttons work, in particular what is removed
       => WFM
     * More explanatory title for "Compare documents" file select dialog
       + rename the dialog title from "Compare to" to "Original document" (OP)
       + "Original" is not always correct (but most time)
       + have an explanatory static text (Thomas)
         + it's just a file dialog, adding text is a bad solution (Heiko)
       + help talks about "original"
       => let's change it