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    Present: Prasanna Kumar, Cor, Heiko
    Welcome to the design team, PK!
     * EDITING: Selecting multiple draw objects should show (unselectable) handles for all objects
       + suggested: point mode on by default
       + difference in that case is that resizing affects not the (temporary) group but single object
       => go with the change and revert when users complain
     * Rename file without having to save again as a new file
       + WFM, but see c11
       + file operation make no sense within programs => WF
       + if macOS is the exception we should implement it => needinfo
       => comment on ticket and ask mac specialist
     * Search dialog doesn't support "whole word only" option
       + "entire cell" works but likely not whats requested
       + afraid of too many options (Heiko)
       => let's do it; "other options" is crowed but closed by default
     * Style indicator in document margin
       + mockup/requirements in c15 some "see also" here
       + good for a GSoC project
       + add numbers to the styles to not only rely on the color (Heiko)
       + looks nice (Cor)
       => will talk to some devs and blog to attract devs