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Present: Heiko


* Redaction object opacity is not 100%
+ rename / remove
+ +1 for Export Redacted PDF / Export Preview PDF (Dieter, c12)
=> do it

* Register-true with better labeling
+ c7 & c9 for technical background (Stuart)
+ "Register line spacing"
+ maybe the documentation should get improved here
=> involve Olivier

* Toggle baseline grid from menu
+ show lines when register-true/baselines is active
+ agreement to the enhancement (Cor, Thomas)
+ tdf#127279 c7: our reference is not a baseline but a paragraph
=> WF

* Add shortcuts for accepting and rejecting changes
+ too many shortcuts right now and we might have to change some known
but those functions are frequently used
+ rather not add shortcuts (Cor, Thomas)
+ it's customizable and we have accelerators that now jump to the next item with accept/reject
=> WFM

* Feature Request: Custom styles filter (was: Custom Style Group)
+ maybe not a DUP
+ good idea (Cor)
+ plenty of options but any enhancement around styles is good (Thomas)
=> so let's create a filter for all user-defined styles whether or not used in the document