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Present: Heiko


 * Autocorrection doesn't change words that are inserted by spell checking
   + WF but different opinions
   => keep ticket

 * window keybindings stolen in some contexts
   + patch for the particular problem provided
   + shouldn't be an issue in general since key events are passed through parents
   => decide situation-dependend

 * I cannot disable effect from highlighted/normal column/row header
   + should be up to the OS/DE but since we changed the sheetstabbar...
   => patch submitted, will go into master to finally decide on 
      flat or shaded for all (no option)

 * filter identifiers are not displayed when a standard filter is set
   + to hide when filtering is common across spreadsheet apps
   => NAB

 * Search-Function: Make comments searchable by default, if shown.
   + WFM vs. do search in comments and handle hidden comments somehow
   => keep ticket

 * Improve use of line dash definitions with rounded dots/dashes
   + why not switch from using LineCap to DashStyle
   => please comment