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Present: Cor, Heiko (short call, most discussion from BZ)


 * Search bar shouldn't remain open across sessions
   + same behviour for all kind of toolbars desirable (Cor, Gerhard, Stuart)
   => WFM

 * EDITING In Writer tables cut removes only the contents of the rows/columns
   + user intention might be unclear (Gerhard)
     + planned is to cut with table only in case all cells are selected (Lazlo)
     + deletion would still affect content only not the table structure (Cor)
   => Go

 * Start with Template Selection off by default
   + Option to hide the dialog on start-up is available (Thomas, Cor)
   => WFM

 * Pushing More... in language selection in Calc Status bar leads to Language settings instead of cell properties
   + very welcome (Thomas, Cor)
   + volunteering (Henry)
   => Go

 * Some Start Center layout reworking
   + no advantage for replacement of buttons (Cor)
   + unclear need to change
   + acceptance to add the labels Open, Show, Create
     + looks weird for Open, Show is Filter and Manage Templates (Heiko)
     + Create is the same as New from the menu
     + a lot of changes for not much benefit
   => WF

 * New Print dialog is too high
   + minimum requirement was defined as WXGA (768px)
   + issue accepted
   => place controls in a scrollwindow