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    Present: Heiko
     * UI: Hyperlink dialog should remember last used view
       + as a general guideline, store the tab position per session (Heiko)
       + user configuration (Thomas)
       => let's put it on the pile of 109265 and remembered the last tab
     * UI: Option to open all heading branches at once
       + use a context menu and * to expand all
       => Jim is working on it
     * Frames around dialog widgets
       + GtkScrolledWindow uses decoration under Windows/macOS (Caolan)
       => apply Caolan's patch and see if that has drawbacks
     * FORMATTING feature request: error bars style => error box
       + probably too early to discuss
       => postponed/discussion on BZ
     * WRITER TABLES: Sort warning needed or some form of protection
       + adopt the Calc workflow; in advance of the search criteria or afterwards
       + OP suggests to show a warning first, but then we could also allow 
         to extend the selection
       => add the confirmation box with Keep, Extend, [Cancel]
     * Remove placeholder names for accessible objects
       => WF as names are needed for the Navigator