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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    * file Open type menu has about 175 items, please organize
    + drop the rarely used in favor of all files -> disagree (OP in c6)
    + non-clickable section "header" entries (Nick, c10)
    + put more similar types into groups like all ODF, all Microsoft and
    remove individual entries (Andreas) -> becomes a long text (Cor)
    + rename more consistently (Andreas) -> reverts previous effort (Ilmari)
    + likely a duplicate (Cor)
    + it is well organized (OP got asked to check with master),
    so resolve it as WFM (Stuart)
    => WFM (will keep it active in case there is a bug)
    * FORMATTING: Page Number field inserts without its proper character style
    + rather clean up the list and remove obsolete character styles (Heiko)
    + character styles are not set automatically (Cor)
    + cleaning the list of character styles is not urgently needed (not
    too many in the list), dangerous as maybe used by some function/extension
    + improve the list by making the styles different to default -> diffcult,
    a lot of effort for not much benefit
    => WF
    * NAVIGATOR: Rename "Text Frame" to "Frame"
    + dont see a blocker for renaming - neither a big advantage (Heiko)
    + a lot of work for l10n and documentation (Regina)
    + makes sense (Cor)
    => go for it; poke documentation
    * Warn when there's no OpenSymbol font installed
    + until tdf#101174 is solved, use a notification bar in math in case the font is missing
    + include at ordinary installation (Regina, Cor) and maybe warn if not available
    + warnings should be actionable so this notification needs a button "Install now" (Heiko)
    => go for it
    * allow each deck to keep its own width in the sidebar
    + see also
    + likely a duplicate, will check later (Heiko)
    + previous decision was to not have a fixed width across tabs, see tdf#90374
    + we havent come to a conclusion in the team and kept the status quo (see 90374, c31)
    => WF
    * Short discussion about a draft about a Style Inspector and Highlighter
    + goal is to attract students for next year GSoC
    + comments are welcome