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Present: Heiko (with input from Cor, Dieter, and Pedro)


* clone-brush needs more functions
+ options to solve this:
+ change tooltip to "Clone Formatting (double click to make it sticky and Ctrl/Cmd to clone paragraph style)"
+ introduce menu button with default as today and the two functions "Multiple Clone" and
"Close Format only" like for New, Open, Save (Dieter, Cor)
+ keep as it is (WF) (Heiko)
=> introduce a menu button

+ add tab for row height in properties dialog as we have for col width (Dieter, Cor)
=> go for it, but mockup needed

* restart manually numbering of numbered lists
+ add "Restart Numbering" to paragraph context menu (Dieter)
+ available under Bullets and Numbering (if cursor is in a list)
=> WFM

* Calc sheet tabs: Option to make compact (use smaller font and less padding like in <=6.2)
+ introduce an option to reduce margins on sheet tabs
+ new design was choosen carefully, difference is just a few pixels => no options needed (Pedro)
+ weird screenshot submitted by OP
=> looks like another issue

* PARAGRAPH STYLE DIALOG: "Reset" and "Standard" buttons: confusing names
+ remove Reset (and Standard) functions from the dialogs (Heiko)
+ Standard is the only way to revert changes made to inherited styles (Regina)
+ Reset is done via Cancel but not when Apply is avilable
+ rename functions (Cor)
=> seeking for proposals on better names