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Present: Heiko
Comments from Roman, Pedro, Regina, Csongor, Dieter, Andreas


+ add tab for row height in properties dialog as we have for col width (Dieter, Cor)
+ mockup in duplicate tdf#104443 (Roman)
+ Is "Fit to size" and "Allow break" needed at every single row? (Heiko)
=> take the mockup, question up to the dev

* Calc sheet tabs: Option to make compact (use smaller font and less padding like in <=6.2)
+ introduce an option to reduce margins on sheet tabs
+ new design was choosen carefully, difference is just a few pixels => no options needed (Pedro)
+ according screenshot by OP there seems to be an issue with the classic theme (XP-like)
+ icons add space to both sides, should be improved
=> adjust summary and improve icon; keep the layout

* Add more tools to the new Table section in the Writer Sidebar
+ Add Split Cells, Select Table, Table Cell Background Color, Borders, Formula (F2) (Roman)
+ Keep it simple and remove the Delete functions (Heiko)
=> no more comments, keep it boiling

* TABLE: Don't draw the top and bottom border of the row that breaks across pages
+ don't think it's UX problem. It should be general enhancement (Roman)
+ tweak row border on the fly - sounds like a lot of effort for little benefit (Heiko)
+ makes sense (Csongor)
=> up to devs

* TABLE: Table columns: use percents as a default
+ disagree with the request (Roman)
+ WF, although request makes sense (Heiko)
=> resolve as WF

* Uniformity to be applied by default to styles 'Heading x'
+ change heading styles or keep as it is
+ resolve as WF (Dieter)
=> no more comments, keep it boiling (resolve as WF if no more interest)

* Impress Page Setup dialog with a resolution of 1366 x 768 requires a lot of scrolling
+ was an Online problem (Andras)
+ revert the patch (Heiko)
+ perhaps we can find a compromise (Andreas)
+ against spoiling the design concept (Heiko)
=> revert first

* Numbering List Presets in Bulgarian (4x), Russian (4x), Serbian (4x)
+ I agree. Locale (or country) specific items shouldn't be in that list as different items (Roman)
=> needsDevEval, go for it