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    Present: Elio, Heiko
    Comments from Evgeniy, Dieter
     * Add more tools to the new Table section in the Writer Sidebar
       + Add Split Cells, Select Table, Table Cell Background Color, Borders, Formula (F2) (Roman)
       + Keep it simple and remove the Delete functions (Heiko)
       + long mouse travel needed today (Evgeniy)
       => add select, merge, split
     * PARAGRAPH STYLE: Index headings should have outline-level 1 by default
       + no objection but not much benefit since documents do not have many indexes (Heiko)
       => go for it
     * Enhancement: Making grabbing of rotated textboxes easier
       + wouldnt make the hot zone larger; cursor gives proper feedback (Heiko)
       => don't mess up, WFM
     * Libreoffice Draw  Large poster split printing adds adhesive line
       + easy to achieve with on-board solutions (Regina, Heiko)
       => WFM
     * Welcome back, Elio
       + UX (daily work on BZ)
       + user research (quatiative/qualitative studies)
       + website (full redesign, new structure)
       + UI design (eg. bibliography)
       + visual design (eg OpenBadges, branding v7)
       + Writer Accessibility Audit finished. Let's have a look at it and create tickets for spotted observations.