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    Present: Heiko
        Comments from: Stuart, Dieter, Thomas, Alex, Roman
     * Editing: Add a more direct way to clear character styles
       + pro: convenient, self-explanatory (Stuart, Dieter)
       + con: misleading, adding complexity (Thomas, Heiko)
       + (multiple) CS could be assigned per toggle on/off in the list,
         and we remove the dummy "Default" CS
       => suggest to resolve WF but keep open
     * Current Library box is too narrow and not expandable
       + dropdown width must not grow further
       * list expands in larger
       => WFM
     * Remove frame around color palette within Paragraph / Area / Color dialog
       + easy to solve based on Caolan's patch for bug 125508 but do we want it?
       + looks better with the frame (Alex)
       => keep open for a while
     * Allow a way to insert image from clipboard and not from a file only
       + unclear workflow
       + better use an extension or macro to adjust the image after insertion
       => suggest to resolve WF but keep open