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    Present: Roman, Heiko
    Comments from: Stuart, Roman
    * Repeat shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Y) is too far for short-finger users using en (qwerty) keyboard
    + WFM (Heiko)
    + perhaps alt+Y (Stuart)
    + I always use TWO hands for that keyboard shortcuts =) (Roman)
    + keyboard issue for English, see also bug 115052 for other than English
    + Excel (or all MSO) uses F4 (or ctrl+Y) for "repeat last action" (but the
    same key also for redo)
    + shift+ctrl+r - cannot press it without hurting myself, ctrl+at+r works
    + alt+<key> should be reserved for hotkeys
    + keep it - common, usable (maybe not for everyone), consistent (Heiko)
    + more opinions needed (Roman)
    => keep it boiling for a week
    * Wrong message text when deleting used style
    + change to "...If you delete these styles, text/formatting will revert..."
    + "If you delete these styles, text or objects will revert to the parent style" (Roman)
    => let's take this
    * Missing warning when renaming page with same name
    + some explanatory text in the input box additional to the disabled button
    + or just a tooltip "This name has been used for another slide or page" on the disabled button
    + Calc > conditional formatting makes the background of the range field red when not applicable
    + small icon on the field (->set_message_type(weld::EntryMessageType::Error) )
    => let's go with icon and tooltip
    * EDITING: “Enter“ in first Cell of Table Creates a Paragraph above Table
    + WF (bad solution to the problem)
    + make it a duplicate of
    + handle enter special at the very first position in tables
    + remove special alt+enter
    + has been fixed a while a ago, apparently
    enter at the very first position in the table adds a break before the table
    => NAB/FIXED
    * Tabbed UI (Writer): Division/section-per-tab (similar to Lotus WordPro)
    + not a duplicate of bug 37134 (multiple documents single app window) but
    for sections within one document (c21,c29,c30
    + wfm as master documents and the navigator provide enough options for the use case (Heiko)
    + wf (Roman)
    => add suggestion but dont close