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Present: Heiko
Comments from: Dieter, Bogdan, Mike, Stuart


* Repeat shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Y) is too far for short-finger users using en (qwerty) keyboard
+ WFM (Heiko)
+ perhaps alt+Y (Stuart)
+ I always use TWO hands for that keyboard shortcuts =) (Roman)
+ keyboard issue for English, see also bug 115052 for other than English
+ Excel (or all MSO) uses F4 (or ctrl+Y) for "repeat last action" (but the
same key also for redo)
+ shift+ctrl+r - cannot press it without hurting myself, ctrl+at+r works
+ alt+<key> should be reserved for hotkeys
+ keep it - common, usable (maybe not for everyone), consistent (Heiko)
+ more opinions needed (Roman)
=> no further input, WF

* Page sidebar: "Same Content" on header/footer sections is absolutely illogical
+ make it similar to the page dialog with checkboxes (Dieter)
=> go for it

* PRINTING: Change The Color of Print Preview Active Page Border
+ greenish background, triangles or printer icons in the background,
light blue frame, different shadow...
=> let's try

* Draw menu entry: Shape or Shapes?
+ -1 (Heiko, Bogdan)
+ +1 (Stuart)
+ Shape --> Shapes, Sheet --> Sheets, Form --> Forms, Page (singular)
+ change all singular at once
=> trust the native speaker and do as Stuart suggest