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Present: Rizmut, Cor, Heiko
Comments from: Roman, Dieter, Stuart


* Feature request - add option for creating layers for images
=> sections, so wfm

* Further refinement of OpenType/Graphite Font features in the “Character” dialogue
+ do it, if no further input is given
+ WF (Stuart)
+ set sensible defaults is more important, later (Cor)
=> we don't block, so remove needsUX and let the dev do the magic

* Rename PDF export option from "Full-sheet previews" to something another
+ 'Full-sheet export' (+1 Muhammet) or 'Export entire sheet to one oversize page' (Stuart)
+ "“Auto-distribute spreadsheet content into pages” (Adolfo on Twitter)
+ a bit too long (Cor)
+ Whole sheet export (Rizmut)
=> proposals for the ticket

* Formdesign: Design-Mode for the whole form could only be changed by "Open in Design Mode"
+ document design mode & form design mode (Robert)
+ propose "form design mode" and "form control/elements design mode" - or similar (Cor)
=> go with what Robert accepts

* UI: Writer: illogical headers in Insert Bibliography Entry dialog
=> go with the patch

* [UI] The term "table heading" should be "table header".
+ it's more like a "heading" in terms of a chapter title than a "header"
as put on top of a page (Cor)
=> WF