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Present: Heiko
Comments from: Olivier, Dieter, Thomas, Stuart, Roman, MikeK


* Create a new style with name "Appendix"
+ is another heading really needed?
+ Needed with level 1 (Thomas, Olivier)
=> go for it

* Change wording of PDF Export File encryption and Permission dialog in Writer for clarity
+ Set open password -> Read access
+ Set permission password -> Print/Change/Content access
+ labels are clear, no change needed (Roman)
+ +1 to get rid of the extra dialog; little benefit from renaming (Thomas)
+ Set open password for read access
+ Set permission password for change access
=> let's keep the label but add some informative tooltip

* Rename Default Style to Default Paragraph/Page/Table Style
+ consider variable defaults (Stuart)
+ agree on the proposal (Thomas)
=> let's do it

* Provide a way to let user search and display Tip-of-the-day
+ invalid, not needed (Heiko)
+ über-complex, better suited for a comprehensive wiki or help page (Thomas)
=> wf

* In Paragraph Style dialog box, allow "Edit Style" button to be active, and open the Chapter Numbering dialog
+ agree with the request (Mike K)
+ rather not because of unforseeable dependencies (Heiko)
=> keep it

* Alphabetize the styles in the dropdown boxes in the Styles section of "Footnotes/Endnotes Settings" dialog
+ better sorting is an improvement (Thomas, Heiko)
=> do it

* New Print dialog is too high
+ Andreas' patch is on Gerrit; better solutions welcome
+ scrollarea with collapsed content (Heiko)
=> simple solution needed