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Present: Cor, Heiko
Comments from: Seth, Roman, Eike, Stuart, Peter


* Add an action to remove both a section and its content
* Provide functionality to move sections
* Select all in selection
+ sections must not be mistaken as container for content;
+ strongly disagree with that and copy/cut works when selecting all content (Cor)
adding functionality like copy/paste weakens the pure formatting concept
however, users expect to interaction with sections like moving, deleting;
via Navigator it is possible to drag and insert as copy (Heiko)
+ insert section with link to another file keep the linked content after removing the section (Seth)
+ might be good to have the standard functions cut,copy,paste of section (Roman)
=> let's introduce standard functionality; add option "Remove including content" for "Remove"
at the sections dialog
=> move can be done per paragraph or switching the sections
=> comment on the tickets to explain and see what Peter thinks (Cor)

* Set default Find (Ctrl+F) options, either separate, or based on settings in find dialog (Ctrl+H)
+ (see also bug 119200)
* Unify "find" toolbar with "find & replace" dialog
+ no functional benefit to be gained by combining them; WF (Stuart)
* Add customize option to find "Whole words only" to Find toolbar
* make "find in current selection" as default behavior

+ Should the Find bar offer customization for the search functions of the Find & Replace dialog?
Should it be a limited set of search functions?
Should the configuration of the Find bar fully pick up its settings from the Find & Replace dialog--and be
stateful/recorded to user profile? (Stuart)
+ hidden settings, eg. taking the options from the search dialog into the find bar, is awkward (Eike)
+ have dedicated options for the find bar (Heiko)
+ bottomless pit, bad usability; eg. unclear what was set last time, Reset needed (Cor)
+ goal is to just quickly find a simple term without checking what options have been set;
everything else has to be done with the dialog (Cor, Heiko)
+ "Match Case" is actually too much (Heiko)
+ keep it (Cor)
=> resolve requests as WF, take bug 115665 serious