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    Present: Moe, Fellow Jitsier, Heiko
    Comments from: Dieter, Gerhard, Thomas, Jack, Roman, Stuart, Jay
    * ALPHABETICAL INDEX: make it easier to index ranges of pages
    * ALPHABETICAL INDEX: "run-on" entries need to be separated by semicolons (not commas)
    => both requests are backed by standards, so let's do it
    make sure that roundtrips are possible before implementation
    * Add tooltip to explain greyed out "Inherit from" in "Numbering Style" dialog
    => add tooltip (when disabled)
    * LibreOffice Options Start Page
    + do we need a start page?
    + proposal from Andreas duplicating a selection of options
    + duplication not bad per se (Moe)
    + alternative provides a more or less comprehensive overview with links to the options
    + not needed (Thomas), rather simplify the tabs (Jack)
    => keep the ticket and see if more people are interested in the topic
    * Gray out categories in Navigator, if they have zero instances
    + +1 (Roman, Stuart)
    + to some extend a user preference (Moe)
    + -1 to hiding the not yet used nodes (Thomas)
    + disabling root nodes is very uncommon and prevents interactions (Heiko)
    => so let's do it
    * Show footnotes and endnotes in Navigator
    + there might be a lot foot-/endnotes in a document
    + same is potentially true for headings, objects etc.
    + usually all endnotes are present at the end of the document (Jay)
    + but not footnotes
    => let's do it