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Present: Cor, Heiko
Comments from: Thomas, Stuart, Regina, Seth


 * Dark theme for the welcome window
   + drop customization and use system color (Heiko)
   + might be difficult (Stuart)
   + alternatively use application background and document background from tools > app. color
   => do it

 * UI: Add option to set default for Paste to as "text without formatting"
   + resolved as dup of 62950, which is wfm as customization works now (Heiko)
   + suggest an option to select what default is for Paste "(o) LibO document ( ) Unformatted"
     and have the opposite with Paste Special (Cor)
   + customization of ctrl+v allows to always show the paste special dialog (ctrl+v is 
     hard-coded though)
   => that's sufficient (Cor)

 * Styled source text copied to footnote should use footnote's paragraph style
   + introduce a special behavior by preserving the target style (footnote) 
     when pasting formatted text (eg. using text body) into the footnote area
   + more flexible approach is to have a checkbox on all paragraph styles like
     "[x] Paste with Style" that behaves as today when checked but always applies 
     the source style when off (and changes the target paragraph style)
   + see also with
     similar request
   + another solution is to ignore all white-spaces (has likely negative bearings)
   + and last but not least we could introduce a paste special option "with style" that
     overrides the paragraph (could also be a new UNO command so user may customize
     the shortcut)
   + prefer the hard-coded solution with special behavior for footnotes and endnotes (Cor)
   + flag with the paragraph style is most flexible (Heiko)
   => up to devs

 * Draw: Move "Color replacer" item from "Tools" menu to "Format-Image-Filter" submenu
   + Images are special objects and all commands belong to Tools (Regina)
   + users may not understand why image got moved to tools; color replacer
     is just a nice tool (Cor)
   => don't change the menu; WF

 * default sidebar width
   + would be nice but our content is just too variable (Cor)
   => WF