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    Present: Patrick, Cor, Muhammad, Heiko
    Comments from: Dieter, Cor, MikeK, Regina
    * There is no way to suppress Writer inserting blank pages to make page No. 1 a right-hand page when editing a document
    + show confirmation box (Dieter, Cor)
    + suppress odd/even values depending on page style (Heiko)
    + potentially solved with tdf#125682 (MikeK)
    => postponed and resolve if solved
    * Cloning a cell's format should also clone the format of the cell's comment
    + consistency with MSO or user expectation
    + "Format Painter" at MSO does not copy the comment's style as LibreOffice Calc
    + with complex comments lke "Test <b>Foo</b>" copied to a simple "Bar" is unclear
    + take the first characters maybe (Cor)
    + multiple formatting like <red>aaa</red><blue>bbb</blue> is not copied at all (Patrick)
    + but it works on Excel and takes the first character's format
    => do it
    * Add alignment controls to the sidebar
    + we have a nice alignment widget in the toolbar
    + no objection to the idea
    => do it
    * UI Create a better UX for "Tracking Changes" mode
    + +1 for a status icon, rest is unclear
    + please comment if my communication is not polite, see c4
    + in fact not easy to understand (Patrick, Cor)
    + Change in this direction: (Cor)
    + Apparently some things do not work. Developer time/effort... (Cor)
    + So it is useful to e.g. track adding a sheet. And OK, it cannot be removed.. so that should be explained.
    + So I changed the summary of this report. OK?
    + ideally look into the issue and make it actionable (Cor)
    => keep it for later
    * Double click page style, causes pages above "current page" to be changed
    + confirmation box is a good idea (Cor)
    + perhaps with "Don't show again" for the experts (Heiko)
    + context menu with an option "Apply to full document"
    + a page style is applied to the part of the document between hard breaks that define a page style
    + to apply it to only a 'selection' (one/more pages) needs that hard breaks etc are inserted automatically
    => do both confirmation box (with option to not show again) and context menu
    * Branding for 7.0
    + will be on this list until it's solved
    => write a message on the mailing list