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Present: jackandmixers, Cor, Shivam, Rizal, Heiko
Comments from: Stuart, Eike, Jay, Maxim


* UNO command to dock all toolbars
+ adding UNO commands is easy but hard to remove later
+ push (Cor), abandon/wait (Heiko), unsure (shivam)
=> better abandon

* Navigate document content when selection is made in the Navigator
+ single or double click for default action (go-to)
+ con: usually the default action (go-to) is done by double click
+ con: single click blocks context menu for not active object
+ keep the context menu could be done also by special handling of right button
+ con: breaks flow where you work in Headings-part, and select e.g. an image or work in a table
+ con (by another user in BugZilla): I'm split as single click default action makes a pure
selection impossible. For example, you cannot promote a chapter without jumping to it. Or rename a shape.
+ pro: weird situiation when a different item is selected as the active position;
wouldnt be an issue with single click
+ similar issue with styles & formatting where single click does not apply the style

+ rather a different topic IMO (Cor)

+ pro: in document selection is a single click and changes the Navigator

+ with no clear need, let's not break the known behavior, present left and right (Cor)

+ tend to weight the pro higher (Heiko)
+ the other way round for me; will likely hate it (Cor)
=> comment with this consideration on the ticket

* Make Styles command (icon) on toolbar toggle the Styles Window (like F11 does)
+ toggle on/off is not switching from any other tab
+ many very similar commands, confusing for users (Heiko)
+ +1 (Stuart, Cor)
=> go with the change

* Bringing uniformity to styles shortcuts
+ final decision would be good; either WF or green light
+ Shift+Ctrl+Anything requires two hands (Eike)
+ -1 to any major change of shortcuts unless tdf#123768 is done (Heiko)
+ agree with WF as users are familiar with existing shortcuts (Cor)
=> WF

* Improve listing of (table) styles
+ we have styles stored in the current document vs. permanent styles (Maxim)
+ some ideas: styles from the current document in italic, with an icon up-front...
+ paragraph styles are always stored in the document, problem would vanish
when we get rid of the autoformat dialog (Cor)
+ extensions could add more styles
+ another option for TS could be to show it after a spearator
=> focus on TS and get rid of autoformat dialog => DUP to "get rid of autoformat dialog"

* 'Slide Design' dialog: rename check 'Exchange background page' to "Apply slide master to all slides"
+ "Apply to all slides (with similar Master as the selected slide)"
+ better use shorter label and tooltip
=> accepted (Cor)

* Area Fill update presets
+ which pattern and how many, see c7f.
+ too many defaults make it difficult to find the right item (Cor)
+ patterns are not easy to create and more presets make sense (Andreas)
=> go with the new pattern list

* Find and Find-&-Replace need character auto-replacement to support string searches and replacements
+ search also for auto-replacements when looking for something like an apostrophe or WF
=> search not only for the actual chars but also potentially autocorrected