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Present: Muhammet, Cor, Heiko
Comments from: MikeK, Regina


* Branding for 7.0
+ see also
+ will be on this list until it's solved
+ CfP1
+ CfP2
=> put the ideas into the program and wait for comments

* Overwriting Writer styles does not overwrite changes to Marginalia paragraph style
+ define _all_ internal styles in template Style > Default?
+ MikeK:
1) all the styles in shipped templates (maintenance burden, possible implementation problem)
2) Load Styles to always load full set of standard styles (would break current workflow / possible disallow the opposite need)
optionally, "[x] Overwrite standard styles absent in the template with defaults")
3) NOTABUG/WONTFIX (maybe with reanming the function "Load Styles from Template")
* "Load styles" should not import content
+ rename "Load Style" to "Load Template" and rename/reorganize the checkboxes?
+ NAB (MikeK)
=> preference to NAB (renaming/documentation) (Muhammet)

* Make font installation optional
+ big +1, ideally as extension (Heiko)
+ good idea (Muhammet)
+ disable font installation in the wizard might be unintentionally and cannot be reverted later (Muhammet)
=> summary "Make fonts extensionizable", hardware/platform -> All, Block -> clean

* Gallery updates
+ gallery: update Symbol gallery
+ looks good and could hold also what's now planned for bullets
+ gallery: add Widget gallery
+ too many items, not so relevant though named as a use case some times
+ Gallery: update Computer gallery
+ don't see any need for symbols under "Computer"
+ maybe replace COmputer by Widgets
+ any improvement is good (Cor)
=> go ahead
+ another idea for a gallery would be music notes

* PRINTING: Option to print grid in Draw
+ could be done per extension (moved), implemented to printing options (new),
or realized as a layer (wfm)
+ sounds reasonable, sometimes you want to print the grid (Cor)
+ grids are helper functions and can be complex (thickness, size, strightness, color etc. might need to be configurable)
+ see also
+ ship (a couple of) templates with grids to a) solve the actual problem and b) illustrate how its done
+ can also be shared as extension
=> do it