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    Present: Patrick, Mathew, Rizmut, Andreas, Heiko
     * Questionable Default for Bullet Sizing
       + issue descender of Opensymbol larger than Liberation not confirmed in c22 but c24
       + difference between uno bullet_on and uno bullet_style
       + how to progress?
       + wfm (cannot confirm the issue), nab (if there is a difference it's up to the font designer),
         wf (smaller bullet size is not a solution)
       + only solution is to use the actual paragraph font for the bullets; and accept no bullet if the font 
         has none (unclear if bullet character is detectable)
       + maybe we can cut the bullet height at the line height from the paragraph (Patrick)
       => remove UX
     * Possibility to have several grids activable and deactivable easily (as in Inkscape for instance)
       + wfm as users can create grids in templates and customization of multiple grids become hairy
       + no opinion (Patrick)
       + make it easier with an UNO command that opens a dialog to set the grid size (Andreas)
       + would be nice to have in the notebookbar (Patrick)
       + also feasible to have it at the sidebar, perhaps page/slide
       => do it
     * Unify terms in dialog to search text
       + a) "Match case" or "Case Sensitive", but consistently
         + Match case (Adolfo)
         + We _match_ cases (Mathew)
         + many other apps use match (Patrick)
       + b) Title style capitalization in AutoRedaction dialog
         + defintiely needed to change
       + c) "Regular expression" (no plural)
         + singlular is better
       => easyhack
     * Musical notes as a gallery
       + easy to include the notes and a respective template, for sure not as perfect as dedicated apps
       + or wf as there is no immediate need and perhaps out of scope
       + follow the survey from
         and do as extension (Andreas)
       => out of scope
     * Wrong text highlight color when export document to doc/docx
       + WFM (Tamaz, c7); more detailled warning perhap
       + introduce a MSO compatible palette and show only this at character properties
         when a flag is set at tools > options > compatibility (Gabor)
       + patch has been submitted meanwhile but might be reverted
       + we must solve the issues of other apps; limiting ourself is bad;
         at any point in time MSO might change the behaviour
       + rather than coping with the problem we should inform in detail what 
         setting will fail when saving as MSO; would require some kind
         of document analyzer, meaning a lot of effort
       => comment on ticket
     * Index: Implement letter by letter alphabetising
       + different/additional sorting algorithm; prolly a dev topic
       + UI wise the new sorting option could go to "key type" so no issue when it is introduced
       => go for it
     * Cannot modify preinstalled galleries
       + no gallery at all would feel like a broken app
       + installing galleries without a tight integration is not an easy task neither for non-beginners
       + actual issue of making shipped galleries writable could be solved in a different way
       => discuss at ESC