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    Present: John, Heiko
    Comments: RGB
    * Bibliography entries created From document content should be persistent
    + if we automatically add the entry it's not possible to have multiple
    bibliography databases, which is not yet possible
    + but there might be use cases
    => recommend to close as WFM
    * File save dialogs appear twice if user reconsiders non-ODF format to ODF during save
    + c3 for step by step use case
    + a) suppress second file dialog when only the extension changes
    + b) add extension to the specified name like test.docx.odt
    + c) resolve as WFM (when the name changes it requires confirmation)
    => comment with recommendation c)
    * Simplify and upgrade the page numbering system
    + use cases in c5
    + WFM (RGB)
    + numbering is defined by the format and needs cross-application support
    + omit page numbers with a style; edit field and use offset to adjust numbering;
    solve special use cases with extension
    => WFM
    * Grouping frames together and with other drawing elements in Writer
    + if grouping is not possible we could provide alignment or just resolve as WFM
    => suggest alignment
    * Sidebar deck for reviewing spelling and grammar mistakes
    + good for GSoC'21
    + review mockup in c8 or...
    + WFM as this use case is not suited for the sidebar
    + just a few comments on the ticket, low interest (John)
    => WFM