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Present: Heiko
Comments: Roman, Stuart, Maxim et al.


* Notifications bloating the UI
+ postpone whatsnew and donation (Heiko)
+ autohide and sequential (Roman)
+ there might be relevant information such as read only
=> comment

* Use chart wizard when adding chart outside a table in Writer
+ any good reason to not start the wizard outside a table?
=> do it

* UI: Make the option for ability unlock & re position toolbars more obvious
+ option to globally set toggle on/off is a good idea (Stuart)
=> do it

* LIST NUMBER: Different behaviour when using Font Colour and Highlight Colour
+ a) WFM, character style on list style to change the color
+ b) alternatively always use the highlighting and font color from the list entry (Dieter)
+ which makes it easier to have a dedicated "plain" character style (Heiko)
=> option b); needsDevEval

* UI: Insert textbox button marked active while cursor inside textbox
+ introduce another command or don't toggle edit mode (Maxim)
+ disable text box command while in edit mode (Heiko)
=> do it