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Present: John, Cor, (Subline,) Heiko
Comments: many people


* Default insert image anchor, wrapping, and spacing
+ comment 43 summarizes the discussion
+ 1) tdf#87719: does not apply for _to_ character but _as_ (Cor)
=> resolve as WF / by design
+ 2) fix tdf#102011 (easyhack, some UI tests fail) and tdf#87742 (has been discussed before)
+ 3) store the last choice (and maybe other settings too)
+ is it really desirable to remember the last anchroing across documents and sessions,
eg. user changes just one image (Cor)
+ tools > option > formatting aids is the alternative, bloats the options and is not so easy to find (Heiko)
=> do it as an explicite option
+ "hijack" tdf#99646 to and resolve this ticket as fixed
=> agreed
+ 4) solve tdf#82873 / tdf#82873 per style and make one a duplicate of the other

* FORMATTING: Allow more options for Allow all users when the sheet is protect
+ what options should be added to the sheet protection
+ no idea here (Roman)
+ print, recalculate, update external data sources (Heiko)
+ Size (tdf#67352: Editing: Permit to change cell width/height on protected cell)
+ Formatting (tdf#57086: FORMATTING: in a spreadsheet with partial protection: allow modifying cell styles that are not used on a protected sheet)
=> look into tickets and postpone for next meeting

* ENHANCEMENT: Some easy way to access skia.log/opengl.log
+ log file at <cache>/skia.log
+ access via Help > Log files > Skia (and OpenGL, Core, Extensions etc) or
create a wiki/documentation page how to find the log file or
provide a button with "Show log files" to access the <cache>
+ Add button "Copy important LibreOffice info into clipboard" to About dialog (Roman)
=> ticket was resolved by OP as invalid meanwhile (favoring the wiki page solution)

* Set a shape as default
+ shape type is stored in the picker and appearance can be changed by drawing styles
+ default Tango Blue for shapes has a ticket (tdf#112541)
=> resolve as WFM

* Introduce new open-source Impress templates
+ feels to me we change the templates too often (Heiko)
+ make them available as extension (Cor)
=> resolve as WFM