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Present: Cor, Heiko
Comments: Regina


* Default Layers
+ add description to default layers
+ add this to the description (and let users delete/override)
+ show the description as tooltip on the tab
+ text from help or short as suggested by Pedro
=> do it, with short tooltips

* Select in(active) Layer
+ Add option to layers, to prevent selecting objects on inactive Layers, also if the layers are not locked (Cor)
+ different approach handy:
you can switch to and work on layers in complex files, with many layers, without having to lock, or unluck the layers on each time you switch layer.
+ selectable on/off on the object level makes no sense; way too many and inconvenient to switch on/off (Heiko)
+ 'lock all other' layers might be a valuable addition
+ some cornerstones with, for example, groups spawn over several layers (Regina)
+ or WFM as layers can be toggled locked (and are thereby non-selectable)
+ vote for WFM (Heiko)
=> comment and ask OP for use case

* Styles: Default Style is to generic
+ Calc: Default (Cell Style) and Default (Page Style)
+ Draw/Impress: Default (Drawing Style)
+ nothing speaks against this ideas
=> please do it

* Calc lacks several fields available in Writer
+ many are available under Format > Page > Header/Footer > Edit (Cor)
=> WFM

* "Replacements and exceptions for language:" (AutoCorrect should follow "Default languages for documents: Western" (Options)
+ ui, locale, and document language can be set independently => WFM
=> WFM

* Branding for 7.0
+ image at start center too large? (Stuart, c23)
+ the image is now scaled initially to 50% of the view size
+ looks good (Cor)
+ splash screen difference normal/dev build
+ use only dark or only white variant
+ both are fine (Cor)
+ remove splash screen completely
+ disagree (Heiko, Cor)
+ use grey scale image on start center
+ monochrome is not the UI default, so -1 (Heiko)
+ wouldnt prefer grey scale (Cor)