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    Present: Olivier, Cor, Heiko
    Comments: by many
    * Writer does not allow a user-set default view/zoom
    + option to override document zoom level
    => do it
    * Inserted file not displayed correctly (Numbering missing)
    + list style must not be ignored when pasting/inserting styled text
    + paste "1. Lorem" into a paragraph like "That didnt bode well" makes
    the paragraph a list, ie. "1. That didnt bode Lorem\n 2. well."
    -> makes no sense
    + so just follow the recent decision and keep the source style when pasting
    at an empty paragraph, otherwise keep target's style
    + usually operation is done on an empty paragraph (Cor)
    => comment and fix the bug
    * Opentype features window is longer than screen size and it is difficult to reach
    ok/cancel buttons
    + three columns or scrollwindow
    + prefer scrollwindow (Cor, Olivier)
    => do it
    * Extend the marker line if tracked changes spans over the next paragraph
    + no objection, enhancement not a bug, low priority
    + line is interrupted by paragraph spacing
    => do it
    * Add ability to keep vector image and compress replacement image in image
    compression dialog
    + reason for
    + "Similarly to the SVG feature, the original vector image is stored in the
    document, but when saving to ODF, a replacement PNG file is also generated to be
    backwards compatible with older ODF readers."
    + reading Miklos blog from comment #9, it looks as if
    + inserted PDF is represented with PNG,
    but choosing Save from Context menu allows to save as PDF again...
    + so would it be possible to do the same with inserted SVGs ?
    + could ask Miklos I think (Cor)
    + introduce a compatibility flag to switch conversion to raster graphic off?
    + any workflow with back and forth conversion of PNG<->SVG sounds weird (Heiko)
    => involve Miklos
    * Definition List (or Definition Index or Glossary) at the end of the page - EDITING
    + would be nice to have it more comfortable though but quite a lot of effort
    and unclear if possible with the ODF
    + less comfortable options are using endnotes or 1st key of index entry
    + would be definitely a nice feature (Cor, Olivier)
    + would ODF specs have the room for this to be implemented?
    + ask Regina :) (Cor)
    + if we realize it it has to be done based on the current ODF specs (Heiko)
    => look at the competitor's way and take compatibility as prime
    + or ask for a good design from someone if we know ODF allows it to be implemented
    * Adopt new application icons for LibreOffice 7.0
    + seeking for opinions, see c8 (Heiko)
    + wouldn't change the app icons (Olivier)
    + let's gather the ideas first (Cor)
    => comments and input is always welcome