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Present: Heiko
Comments: Cor, Roman


* Provide context menu inside the area (rows, columns) where an Outline is set, with outline functions
+ don't see any contextual functions that are needed there (Heiko)
+ Show/Hide Details (Cor)
+ but the bar can have multiple groups; still not convinced
+ tooltips make sense ("Grouping of B$:D$"\nClick to show/hide)
+ random values are recalculated on row/col hide (bug 132809)
=> change into tooltip request (or resolve as WFM)

* UX: Ignore all option in spell check is an unexpected full session setting
+ store ignored words at spellchecking in the document not the session?
+ ignore once/all as well as correct once/all should work at the current document,
a further option should allow to add this word to a dictionary
+ changing the text language is pointless as the dialog does not offer any restart
+ also, options... are misplaced in this dialog
+ modifications to the text itself (paste) are questionable
+ the dialog shouldn't be amodal
+ the dialog should use system settings (currently dark font on dark background)
+ undo better done after close (every change stored separately)
=> add mockup to ticket

* Change Arabic diacritics' colours separate from base font colour?
+ Apply character style per autotext or use direct formatting with hard-coded rules
+ find/replace approach should work like in indesign (see youtube video in c4)
=> no objection, comment on ticket

* FORMATTING: Clone Formatting should allow typing when in multiple selection mode
=> no objection so go for it

* Provide a live preview of changes when creating or editing a pivot table
+ mockup in c2 needs improvement for options and consideration of corner cases
=> no objection