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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: eisa01, Regina
    * Enhancement request: Calc sticky setting for printing grids and/or click box in Tabbed bar
    + Make Format > Page > Sheet > Show Grid a UNO command and expose option to the
    Print Preview toolbar
    => do it
    * Writer hide "system" styles like sender, signature, Addresse
    => no objection, so do it
    * Template Dialog Category names are not intuitive
    + categories on the old extensions site are actually tags with the option
    to multi-select
    + Accounting, Budget, Invoice -> just a minor difference between the three; would
    take "Accounting"
    + Book, E-book, Conference, Brochure / Pamphlet, Magazine -> all kind of
    + Education, Academia, Science, Elementary/Secondary school panels -> would take
    + "Curriculum Vitae" and "Letter" are sensible topics too
    + extensions can use different tags and extend the categories
    => go with not too many
    * Remove mediawiki template from sources
    + mediawiki is an elaborated feature with many lines in the sources
    + dropping the template means also to remove the code
    => needs further approval
    * ENHANCEMENT: Image without resolution set should get a default fallback resolution (not based on a screen resolution)
    + if user changes the dpi it should be written back; if not the file has to remain
    undetermined (Regina)
    => no internal default but sensible on changes
    * Compress Image, reducing image resolution actually increases resolution
    * Show proper actual dimensions in Compress Image dialog
    + unclear if input from UX is needed
    + kind of mockup in
    => postponed