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Present: Heiko
Comments: Stuart, Andreas, Marc, Dieter, Roman


* Enhancement Request - side panel with note scraps
+ nice idea for an extension (Stuart)
=> comment and keep

* Allow defining font size for Math formula input box
+ ordinary bug otoh but maybe a more generic approach needed
=> no idea, so let's introduce an option just for Math

* UI: Same size settings twice: in Image tabs Type & Crop
+ remove Scale and Size options from Crop tab of the image properties
dialog (Andreas)
=> no objections, do it

* Disable "Automatic *bold*, /italic/, -strikeout- and _underline_", aka "markdown" feature by default
+ resolved WF before on tdf#59754 based on a Twitter poll with ~50/50
+ WF (Stuart), do it (Marc, Dieter)
+ agree with deleting this feature by default (Roman)
=> majority votes for switching off by default

* Sorting - Move 'Range contains column labels' from 'Options' tab to 'Sort Criteria' tab
+ no fundamental objections (Eike)
+ what options should be moved?
=> make a proposal on the ticket