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Present: Heiko
Comments: Stuart, Xavier, Rizal, Regina


* Undo/redo includes creating of paragraph/character style
+ abandoning the undo feature for style _creation_ means also
to not being able to undo unintentionally _deleted_ styles
and _applying_ styles to the document is the main workflow
+ actual problem is the unexpected deletion (via undo), which we
could prevent per confirmation box
+ annoying, however, and definitely in need for [ ] Don't show again
=> recommend to close as WFM

* Create a Dialog that shows up on first boot of Writer/Calc/Impress for
the user to pick its default UI
+ if the issue is just the presentation of different UI variants we could
create a dialog for this purpose and drop the menu items
+ show info during installation
+ bad usability/marketing and WF (Stuart, Xavier)
+ UI variants have bad discoverability so +1 (Rizal)
+ if we introduce another NB, ideally per extension, it won't show up
on this welcome dialog; the UI choice is the least important for new
users; if we need to advertise per image we should consider a tab in
tools > options > view (and remove the menu option) plus have thumbnails
with the envisioned extensions (Heiko)
=> WF

* Table Toolbar constant placing is now impossible
+ keep user-defined state/position for contextual TBs
+ many similar tickets, eg. tdf#36976 to have an option
+ "workaround": use notebookbar
=> make it a duplicate

* Make "current selection" persistent in F/R dialogue
+ see also tdf#132031
+ on/off depends on document status; clicking somewhere must change this
=> WF

* Sound to verify document has been saved
+ no clear workflow yet, no urgent need
=> keep it for a few more days, then WF

* Pressing CTRL+W with a single document open closes LibreOffice
+ browsers close (FF & Chromium), editors don't (Kate)
+ see also
+ about:config -> browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab
+ ctrl+w = uno:CloseWin -> WFM (Regina)
+ actually it goes back to start center, which closes per ctrl+w
=> WFM