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    Present: Rizal, Heiko
    Comments: Eike, Thomas, Gerhard, Regina, Maxim
    * Feature request: Insert current date dialog
    + similar request in tdf#46448 (Eike, Thomas)
    => make it a duplicate
    * Endnote Heading for HTML and Epub exports
    + always adding a header before endnotes? tdf#89736
    => automatically insert a heading before the first endnote if none has been added
    before (should allow to delete this heading and not add it always back);
    optional perhaps but on by default
    * Indexes: Allow user to rearrange sub-entries in non-alphabetical order
    + RFE is not flexible; a lot of question marks (Thomas)
    => comment about the missing flexible approach but keep ticket open
    * Hide surrounding border frame at sidebar
    + LibO and LOOL are different, not supporting the request (Gerhard)
    + issue very much related to the actual theme; not a big deal on KDE/gtk3 (Heiko)
    + Online has a dedicated button to collapse the sidebar while LibO "needs" the left
    panel with the button (Rizal)
    + looks better in WPS and Freeoffice, admitted, but we introduced a button on the
    left panel that can be used to collapse the sidebar; replacing it by a toolbar
    button is not so simple unless we go with special solutions such as Notebookbars
    => resolve as WF
    * Area properties don't match color handling the outline shape receives
    + use styles (Regina, Maxim)
    + unclear what color is applied as the last used is not taken into the newly created
    object (neither for DF nor with styles) (Maxim)
    + any disadvantag of taking the last used color/gradient etc. for creation?
    + inkscape does so (Rizal)
    => keep open with suggestion to use last fill style
    * UI: RESET (to default) button for search and replace dialog
    + really add another button?
    => no objection, other dialogs have a Reset button on the footer so let's do it