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Present: Patrick, Pedro, Heiko
Comments: Regina, Roman


 * Image Properties should display original filename and path by default
   + see also tdf#109203 (WF)
   + storing path + name of image is a safety risk; needs at least to be deleted
     with "Remove personal information on saving" on (Regina)
   + comment about Image: Properties > Image > File name is wrong but
     Properties > Options > Name (without patch) makes sense (Pedro, Heiko)
   + same name from different directories is unlikely and could get some *_1 addition
   + maybe make it a WF due to privacy concerns (Patrick) and suggest an extension
   + remove personal information at save (Regina) (unclear what's meant hereby)
     and/-or- advanced option to disabled the feature for companies
   + implementation is desirable also to have better names in the Navigator
  => do it without path

 * Unnamed Impress slides should be given meaningful names for PDF Indexes/Bookmarks 
   based on their titles
   + see also tdf#118136
   + good idea to have better names in the Navigator too (Patrick)
   + same title could be using the *_1 to *_n modification
   + slides named by user must not be renamed
   + extremely long title (eg abusing the title for content) needs to be cut, 
     eg at 10 characters
   + no title needs to use the legacy method of naming
   + afraid users expect slide title to be changed when the name is changed (Pedro)
   + we have a solution for the request via Insert > Field > Slide Title that
     is linked with the slide name (Pedro) (comment Patrick: I feel Insert > Fiel > Slide Title does is not a solution for bug 118135)
   + in case of two or more title fields the first counts and changing the other
     is ignored
   + master slides are ignored as the title cannot be changed
   + Patrick: (added here instead of the bug report):  This is my suggestion for the concrete behaviour:
     If "slide names are automatically set to slide title" AND "user renames a slide" 
         => slide name is permanently overwritten. 
     If "slide name is permanently overwritten" && "user changes slide name to '' (empty string)" 
         => from now on, the slide name is automatically changed when the title name changed.
   => patch is welcome

 * File-Export to image only exports text and not chart
   + by design (Roman)
   + no selection means to export all, however charts might cover cells (Heiko)
   => accept it

 * Difficult to set/override footnote separator line direction
   + see also tdf#133818 and tdf#133816
   + only possible solution is a button next to Footnote Settings > Styles > Page
     with access to page style properties
     + not a good idea as it doesn't really improve the situation (Patrick)
   + actually good to have styles and settings clearly separated (Pedro)
   + perhaps a tooltip helps here (Pedro) but rather improve the help (Heiko)
   => forward ticket to docu team (also tdf#133818)